Salt Lake City, Utah - Tips for the Trails Series

Salt Lake City, Utah - Tips for the Trails Series

Join former professional runner and coach, Rachel Cieslewicz for her Tips for the Trailsfall series. We will meet at various locations generally within 10 miles from the downtown Salt Lake City area, with the final session taking place a little further out of town. Within a 1-hour drive! We will meet weekly for Starting September 17th for 90-minute sessions on Mondays from 5:30-7:00PM with the exception of one session where we will venture a little further out. That date/location is TBA. This is great for runners who have the ability to run at least 3 miles comfortably, and is still beneficial for fast long-distance athletes looking for ways to improve technique and finesse. It is fun to mix many ability levels and inspire each other!

Format will be: 15-minute dynamic yoga infused warm-up. 10-minute lecture regarding the plan for the evening. After that we will work on techniques specific to running trails with love and finesse. This will be stop and go! If you need a longer run, plan it for the next day, or in the morning! Put this all into practice and be ready for a fabulous late 2018 event, or your 2019 season! There is space for 15. Sign up now.

Please bring at least 300 calories with you just in case, and a handheld water bottle or running pack. Wear good trail running shoes. Make sure you are in good health and get a doctor’s okay if you have experienced injury or illness recently. See you on the trails! ~Coach Rachel

  • Single Session
  • $25

  • All Six Sessions
  • $100

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