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Sometimes things just don’t go our way. So the morning after my Scofield triathlon, I rode my bike and did a really intense yoga session. Everything felt great. When I was riding my bike again after yoga, I felt some pain in my achilles tendon. Hmmm….? That’s strange. Throughout the day, the pain worsened and by the end of the day, my usual hyperactive running and dancing around from place to place was reduced to a limp. BUMMER.

Monday I practiced yoga again and then went for a swim. Well this time it felt a little better for about the next hour after, but then hurt even worse than the day. before. Not good. So, went up my favorite canyon (for which I named my son after–even though it is just Canyon-most people don’t know which one!). I iced as I do most days anyway up to my neck in the creek feed by snow run-off! Typically this feels awesome, er, once I warm up again. Didn’t seem to help the inflammation in my lower leg.

Since then (seems like forever) I have not run or biked because it hurts to walk. I have done some very gentle yoga. I had to miss my cherished Tuesday yoga session I do with my friend Jeff Silverstein. I have iced in the creek every day. Iced with pack several times a day. Massaged the hell out of my calf and foot, juiced veggies everyday and tripled my vitamins.

It has been a while since I’ve had an injury, especially a overuse injury. But again. I start letting my little ego take over. I get sooooo cocky that I can just race every weekend for almost 4 months straight without a break?!?! Yikes! For the last 5 weeks I have been talking about backing off a little to recover. I’ve felt tired for about that long. But every weekend there is such a fun race that I can’t imagine missing. So of course I race it. Well friends. Here is about the only way I seem to take breaks. One day soon I hope I’ll learn otherwise–not necessarily the best thing to be known as the ADHD poster child!

So in the meantime, I know that achilles injuries can take a long time to heal. I decided I am on the accelerated healing plan and am going to be at least back on my bike next week. Yes I missed a 10k running race yesterday, yes I will miss one of my favorite local road races tomorrow, but I know that when I am healthy and in top form for my races coming up that won’t really matter, I will be soooooo happy!

Plus I can still work out. Pilates, lots of swimming (which I desperately need anyway), gentle yoga, massage, icing, healthy food. I’ll be back so very soon!

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