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Singletrack6. Your Perfect Way to Mountain Bike The Canadian West!


location: Revelstoke, B.C., CanadaDreaming of six days of unforgettable epic riding in the wild mountains of Western Canada? Here is your opportunity. TransRockies, famous for its multistage trail running and mountain biking racing adventures has done it again.  Enter Singletrack6. The creators and crew spend an entire year piecing together perfect stages and all possible details. This way, when you show up to ride, you can spend six days living in the moment, while pedaling divinely scenic single track and enjoying your newest forever friends, rather than getting lost and feeling too much like the new kid in town. With Singletrack Six you have an instant group of riding buddies and details laid out for you with no chance of getting lost, unless it is to lose yourself in the beautiful terrain, with normal daily stresses melted into yesterday’s sunset.  The memories of this week are sure you leave your adventurous heart full of joy knowing you made the right choice to get out and live your life, via your two-wheeled wonder machine.  It is your lucky day. By using the code NAA100 you get $100 off your entry fee when you register for your Singletrack Six mountain biking adventure. location: Golden, B.C., Canada

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