07 February 2008 By Rachel’s

Still Here

So I’ve had some concerned emails. Sorry everyone for the last post and then just to leave ya’ll (my son’s new twang and English dialect he picked up while visiting grandparents in Kentucky is starting to effect me–although I’ve been told I seem to have my own language and accent anyway by too many people to mention) hanging. I suppose that is the word. Hanging in there is about all that I can do right now. I still don’t know if my sacrum is fractured. I’m not going to find out since I don’t have time to go sit around a doc’s office all day to then have them tell me ‘yes it is broken and there is nothing we can do for you’, or ‘no it’s not broken and there is nothing we can do for you’ and then be charged $400 for the info. I am doing what I can right now, but snow biking is out (too much torque), skiing (same thing) and, my beloved running is out (too much impact) even with my gazelle like stride. So a couple road rides here and there–if I can find the black top under the snow, too much swimming, yoga with Jeff and lots of core work are my soul soothers at the moment.

At least when this season hits, there will be no sign of a burn-out factor from overdoing it. Right now I’m more concerned about finding my muscles under a bulging (to me anyway) belly.

Oh yes, and an announcement. I have had some friends wanting to meet up for a fantastic weekend March 6-8ish for Xterra worlds and USSSA snowshoe nationals up in Snowbasin. I am taking a count of all those interested so we can rent a place and have the best weekend ever with lots of kick ass races, good company, and eating, drinking, and merrying on. So let me know!

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