24 March 2008 By Rachel’s

Sunny Days

First. I must apologize for my apparent lack of computer skills. I can’t figure out how to post my last pics in a different format. For anyone who would like see them, I suppose you’ll need to shoot me an email and I will send them to you. SORRY!

But now for the good news! Salt Lake has finally been so very beautiful weather wise. Sunny days, warming (still a bit chilly) temps, and my ETFE grin is back full on! I am so excited! I am healthy, getting very fast and having a blast riding my bike and running as much as I can.

Easter for me was spent better than any way I could imagine it. In the morning I went on the funnest mountain bike ride I can remember in a looooong time with two of my best friends in the whole world. Art and Dave. They were two of my main friends initially responsible to teaching me to race almost 10 years ago now. To this day, I love and appreciate them both more than they will ever know. When we go on rides, I forget about everything else and it is as though no time has lapsed. We are 3 kids on our bikes having the most fun ever! I love it!!!

After that I got Canyon from his dad and my dog Kira and went to Art’s rental house and worked on the yard and prepping walls for paint, etc. Kira and Lucy entertained each other and stayed out from under our feet. Very nice. Once we were all completely dirty and starving, I took Canyon back to Matt’s and made dinner for Matt and the girls and of course Art and Canyon. What a wild dinner. I don’t know what I put in the food, but we all laughed hysterically the whole way through. One of those times that everything is funny even if it really wasn’t.

By nine I was completely worn out. Canyon had already asked to go to bed (dream child?). Definitely an awesome day!

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