29 October 2008 By Rachel’s

The Color Purple

I will spare the details, but this year has certainly turned into my year for physical pain. Last year was emotional. Which carried into this year and turned physical? I don’t know. Saturday I crashed hard at the cyclocross race. Going from 25 mph out of a short steep hill and wiping out in a loose corner at that speed into gravel. OUCH. The good thing? I forgot about all of my other ailments and ow-ees for a while.

Pretty much my entire right side is still one big swollen purple bruise. Like I think I have said before. I love purple. Just not when it is on my body! By the way, thanks to Art, Bart, the nice guy who went and bought me a bag of ice (was I really that out of it not to figure out who that was?), Mike K, Terry, etc. who helped me out and dealt with little girl crying big alligator tears.

Here is the interesting thing. Physical pain is one thing. I’ve had a lot of it over the years and can deal with it. When you are told though that most likely you have a broken hand and that is what you use to make your living, emotions can over ride all else. I already have been struggling financially like many since I split up with my sons dad. When the thought entered my mind that I may not be able to work at all for a while, I panicked. I started wondering how I would pay my bills, take care of my little Canyon, and on and on.

The strange thing. I was sitting on the grass leaning against Art’s car freaking out. At the same time, I was about 15 feet away from Terry McGuiness . T-Mac is so amazing. He was the commentator for the day. He is positive, kind, strong, beautiful, and living with cancer. Thinking about how incredibly he appears to handle it made me choke up even more. At least I can ride my bike. At least I am supposed to recover fully from my parasites, etc. etc. Watching him in his grace was such a reality check. Talk about a person who lives the big ring. I can only hope to someday become as strong as him.

Here is the lucky thing. I got my hand x-rayed that evening. By some miracle, I just had a deep bone bruise. So still a lot of pain, but I know it is going to feel better much sooner than a break would.

So what did I do? Monday back on the bike. On the road–tried the dirt, but the bumps didn’t prove at all forgiving on my hand. Tuesday even dragged out my road bike and went on a nice beautiful ride to the top of Millcreek with my good friend Jamie. And, I gave a massage without a problem.

Thank goodness the sun always comes out after a storm. Looking forward to lots more sunshine.

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I will always remember waking up at the age of 12 to the pain I saw in so many while simultaneously realizing how lucky I was to feel fantastic.

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