19 May 2009 By Rachel’s

The Journey Begins Now…

Welcome to New Age Athlete.  Here is the beginning of an amazing site you will love for many reasons.  Ultimately to help as many people as possible find the connection of the mind, body, spirit triad as related to an active life style.  When this connection is there, we feel grace, peace, and even a sense of euphoria as we dance through life and achieve the greatest potential possible in our chosen activity.

Sometimes we cling so strongly to a sport, habit or pattern in general which at one time brought us joy and balance only to find that very thing we love and depend on so much has now brought us to imbalance.  So if you are experiencing burnout, injury, or disconnect in any way, here you will find many ideas, tips, pictures, songs, interviews, and on and on that just may be the perfect match to get to back to feeling the best ever!

Or perhaps it is just nice to know there are others out there who relish an active life and healthy body and all it has to offer and you love a daily dose of inspiration.

My intention is that this site will become an awesome place to come to for a daily dose of good happy things.  Stay tuned, come back often, and of course if there are things you would like to have on here, or questions, etc.,  send me an email as I am thrilled to hear from you always!

Life is a journey.  Enjoy it.

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I will always remember waking up at the age of 12 to the pain I saw in so many while simultaneously realizing how lucky I was to feel fantastic.

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