21 November 2007 By Rachel’s

To Further Prove…

Okay, so race season’s over right? I just can’t seem to get enough! I have been learning how to ride/race cross bikes for a few weeks now. I missed last weekend’s race in Poci, but there are still 3 local races left in the season. And then, there’s NATIONALS….. So, I was planning on going to support my friends, but there aren’t only men’s races. There is a women’s B race (appropriate for me at this point), and then, there is the Pro women’s race.
Hmmm….So, ideally I would race the B race which is on Thursday and watch the pro race Sunday and get all psyched to learn more and try to be good enough to race it competitively next season. But, I won’t be flying into town until Thursday night. That leaves the Pro race which I technically am qualified to race as I hold an elite roadrace license. One problem. No experience in this type o’ field.
Since I do tend to jump into everything I do headfirst with a blindfold, it really wouldn’t be that surprising to practically the whole world. At least it would be good spectator entertainment watching a tri-geek trying to rally the field.
Man am I tempted! Yes. This would definitely further prove everyone else’s ‘Crazy Rach’ theory. But what is life without adventure and the good stories that come after I survive/recover?

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