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TransRockies on my Mind!

Taken by Gene Murrieta. Getting dirty is good…

There was a time that riding bicycles was the love of my life. Yes I played hooky from college classes on many occasions (too many?) to enjoy a sunny day riding away without a care in the world. I commuted everywhere as I didn’t have a car, I trained, I raced. Dreams were of bikes. I had a wish that everyone would love riding as I did. I still love to ride.

As many know, running has always been there as well. Even when I rode, there was nothing like a good run.  When I raced bikes, my favorite style of racing was stage racing. An excuse to play hard day after day was heaven. Stage races are what I miss the most about biking.

Life has funny ways of taking us into new amazing places and introducing us to even more beautiful aspects of life. In the fall of 2008, I became very ill and almost died. I am lucky I am a fighter, an athlete, and that I have people in my life who care and helped me when I needed it.  Today I am so fortunate to be not only living, but thriving.

When I started getting better, I was too weak to race like before.  Instead I started running more and more. Some days I felt good and would push too hard and end up barely able to function for days.  After many relapses, I consider myself strong and flying again. I have grown new wings. My recent race results reflect that.

Enter the amazing Transrockies Running Stage race! Last year I vicariously lived through my friend’s adventures as they spent 6 days in the heaven of the Colorado Rockies. They ran hard, laughed, sometimes cried, and enjoyed a fully supported event put on by an outstanding team of race directors, crew, and volunteers.  This year I am going to do it! I am so incredibly excited. I am thrilled to have the opportunity, health, love of life, and fast running legs to do it. Stage racing is back for Rachel, on foot instead of wheels!

Transrockies if you click on their link is even offering a free DVD to show off their spectacular event.  I want as many of my friends and readers to come race it too! Let me know if you are in!  Find a partner to run with or race the 3 day shorter version if you want to go solo or don’t have enough time for the full. It is sure to be a life changer. A reminder of the beauty of the earth, good friends, and getting out!

I’ll be there sporting of course my Newtons! They have carried me for 3 years now. I love running in them. CW-X compression clothing is something else you will see me in more. Apparently they were psyched to have free advertising from my XTERRA Trail Worlds race. Now they sponsor me! Zarephath Trading is another company who sees my vision and is supporting me for 2011 as well!  Yes. I do live the best life ever!

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I will always remember waking up at the age of 12 to the pain I saw in so many while simultaneously realizing how lucky I was to feel fantastic.

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