02 January 2008 By Rachel’s

Week After Christmas

So Scott took Canyon with him to Kentucky on Christmas Eve for a week to visit grandparents. I was so excited to have a break and have time to do everything I rarely get to do lately as a single mom of one awesome two year old (3 on the 3rd!). Uh ya. So I seem to have this thing about me that just can’t possibly allow me to have a moment of nothing to do.
So instead of two a day workouts, cleaning my car, home, visiting my sis I haven’t seen in 18 months in St. George, etc. Holy Shilitos! Instead I worked with some of my local clients, Scott’s clients, my wonderful clients from the East Coast in town for a New Year’s rally. Drove endlessly up and down Parleys to take care of Kira and two of the cutest labrador puppies in the world Art has named Hank and Lucy (does this mean you want them Art? I know you do…) By the way, Art, thanks for taking up my slack. On top of this I had a friend show up last minute to stay for 5 days and I can’t help but feel like I need to entertain although in this case I fell way short. There is only one Rachel (I often feel like I need 5 or 6 of me).
Needless to say, a crazy 2007 ended with the chaos I have almost come to expect is normal. Is it? Oh ya, if you ever need someone to teach you how to come out of a triple 360 down the hill on an unplowed road in Kimball Junction with cars in all directions without hitting any of them and driving out of it without a scathe, call me. Too bad I don’t have a picture after that one. Ever seen a ghost with its heart in her throat? Ya, that was me. I think I need new tires on my Subaru–and a vacation!

Anyway here’s to an awesome 2008!

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