15 December 2007 By Rachel’s

Wow! These guys are awesome!!!

So despite polar conditions today, some of our Utah guys HTFU’d for some great results. Yep, snow came in last night with flurries and wind all day. Supposedly it was 25 degrees, but with my lack of an internal heater and the fact I wasn’t doing much to move my blood, I froze! So Art totally came on board to take a top 10 finish with 9th in the men’s 40-45 field. Gallagher was right in there as well until his tubulars gave in to the frozen ruts and rolled right off his wheel. So I thought it was just golfers who threw their clubs. But Jon took it to a different level and hucked his bike right off the course. He’ll take his revenge I’m certain at worlds! Sam Kreig took a 10 place finish, Ali finished 8th, and our Mitchell finished 25. Congratulations guys!!!
Tomorrow for my race my number is 93 of 99 racers. Yep this means I start back row of almost 100 racers. I definitely have my work cut out for me! Kris Walker, and Kathy Sherwin will also be in the mix; fortunately with better starting places. Mitchell will have a chance to make up some places in the Collegiate race along with Erin in the women’s collegiates. And Bartmang will clean house in the Men’s elite field. For my sake, I’m wishing for a little less wind!
For now, I’m glad to me nice and warm in my hotel room after a 45 minute hot as it will go shower to thaw out my frozen limbs!

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