10 December 2010 By Rachel’s

XTERRA Trail Run World Championship

I am a girl who only thinks big. Sometimes I make it, and sometimes I land flat on my face. Literally. I aways set the bar high for myself. How can I not? I have not only survived, but also surpassed all expectations placed on me after 2 independent near death experiences. Each time I didn’t know if I would be able to live a normal life, let alone thrive within my passions that make my life worth living. Each time I had a choice. I could either sit back and be a victim of circumstance, or I could make the decision to get better. There are still residual issues I have, but I have come so far. I know that one day I will completely overcome and move beyond the last hauntings of my illnesses. In the meantime, my life is all about reaching my potential and bringing as many others with me as possible. It is amazing the way things open up and the beautiful people who come into my life to help me accomplish this. I realize more each day how it is my community who takes care of me as I care for them. What an amazing circle. My XTERRA trail run world championship experience is a huge example of this.

I set high goals for my 2nd XTERRA trail run world championship. I was coming for the win. As results show all over the internet, I fell short on the day. I ended up 5th female overall. In some ways I feel as though I let down all of those who helped me get here. But is that true? The entire trip was magical. From Hawaiian Airlines providing air fare as a prize based on a race I won earlier this year at another amazing XTERRA trail run event. To my amazing home stay in Kailua provided by Bo Wheeler and Marcy Fleming and their 3 happy loving dogs. Who else helped me? So many. My incredible Chiropractor/Acupuncturist, Greg Freebairn. Friends taking care of my son Canyon so I could train and race. My Natural Doc, friends and clients sending love and well wishes and believing in me when sometimes I lost the trust. My generous sponsors Newton Running who make hands down the most ingenious running shoes on the market. First Endurance is another big one. I could go on and on.

Canyon. Future Champion

I thank everyone for all you did to get me here and for the continued support. Most of you know who you are, some of you don’t know the impact you have on my life.

As for my world’s race, I gave it all I had on the day. I have come a long way. The beautiful thing is I still have a long way to go to get to the top. I know it is within me. It is coming. So very soon you and I will see what is within this little spirit of mine. Not just in racing but in creating beautiful successful happy lives, of my own and hopefully inspiring as many others to do the same as I can possibly reach.

In the meantime, I am hanging in Hawaii with my angel son, Canyon, and many amazing friends. I have one more race in my season. Look out for #51 at the Honolulu Marathon this Sunday, Dec 12. I will run it for many reasons. Mostly to celebrate my 31st birthday. Twice in my 20’s I didn’t know if I would ever have the chance to celebrate again. Here I am, not only living, but thriving. In the meantime. Enjoy life and your holidays.

Much love,


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