06 March 2008 By Rachel’s

Xterra Winter Worlds!!!

So here’s the latest. I decided that being slightly out of shape and not quite so lean as is my preference, I am racing this weekend. Of course Rachel style. So yeah. This equals Saturday’s race which consists of a snow bike leg (totally excited–again, thanks Art for dragging me out all winter) on my awesome Cannondale Carbon Rush, next up is a snow shoe leg of course using my Crescent Moon Snow shoes. The run I’ll sport my Kahtoola spikes and for the ski, my almost brand new, yet ‘old’ Tua’s. I have one slight problem. Last time I telemarked was the season before I had my son. Yikes! That is uh, four years ago. Oh well, adds to the adventure, right? This leg will really be worth watching if you want some extreme entertainment.
Anyway, I am so excited to race another Xterra event. One of these days when I am either a fully sponsored pro or make my millions–I’m planning on both, I’ll race them all! Team Unlimited puts on the best races ever, hands down!!! S0 here comes Rachel’s next crazy idea. I qualified for USSSA snowshoe national championships which are being held also in Snow Basin the next morning. So, as long as my legs still work, I’m racing that too. Yep, anyone who wants to come check out the venue, I hope to see you there. Better yet, I hope you come race too!
My bottom line? After this weekend, you’d better watch out, ’cause when I get going, I don’t stop. I’d say race season is here!

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