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Yoga On the Road

One of the things I love the most about traveling is that I take the opportunity to check out different yoga studios.  I believe that my practice has become very well rounded because I seek out so many different teachers and styles.  Of course my favorites have always been Astanga and intense vinyasa flow as they suit my personality.  This weekend I am in the Gaslamp district of San Diego.  The incredible studio I practiced in this morning is Infinite Yoga.  I took the advanced Improv class.

Here is how studio owner Dana (whom was also my teacher!) describes the class:A challenging & dynamic flowing series with impeccable sequencing and an in-depth weekly focus (hips, backbends, arm balancing, etc.). Combine prep work with the more challenging postures of Primary (1st), Intermediate (2nd), and Advanced A (3rd) Series along with inspiration from Forrest Yoga. Integrate a deeper breath & longer holds, move beyond boundaries and reach new levels in your practice!

Wow!  Dana is awesome.  She is dynamic, authentic, and beautiful!  I rarely sweat in any yoga class unless I am at Bikram or other hot yoga classes.  By the time class was over, I was drenched!  Gotta love detoxing!  This one was very powerful, fast moving, and a perfect blend of poses that left me smiling, grounded  and balanced in all the good ways.  A few aches and pains I came into class with were miraculously gone as well as I floated out of the door.  The wonderful thing is, I am headed back tomorrow for another AM session! If you ever find your way to San Diego and are looking for a fabulous studio check out Inifinite Yoga!

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