• Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit

    to become the best athlete possible.

  • Bike Coaching

    You are ready for the next level.

    Our cycling coaches are experienced, qualified, and certified. We develop customized training plans based on you to ensure you successfully meet your goals.

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  • Running & Form Coaching

    You want to go the distance. Our experienced running coaches focus on form and biomechanics, while expertly developing customized training programs to get you to each finish line with speed and grace.

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  • Testing & Measurement

    Utilize New Age Athlete scientific testing to ensure your training is developed with prefect program intensities

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  • Destination Racing

    Interested in destination race?

    Travel with New Age Athlete worldwide and experience epic running and cycling adventures. It is the best way to build incredible memories to last a lifetime!

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  • Skill & Technique

    Learn from the experts to run or ride with perfect form and finesse. Doing what you love the most, injury free, is worth it!

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    • Bike Coaching

      Our cycling coaches are experienced, qualified, and certified

    • Run Coaching

      Our experienced running coaches focus on form and biomechanics

    • Performance Testing

      Utilize New Age Athlete scientific testing for prefect program intensities

  • Testimonials

    • Remember when you said, “this is a lot of information. You’re not going to remember it all but the key things you need will stick out” ? You were right! Your advice on getting up and down hills easily was spot on. I’ve got from a flat 10 minute mile to a 7:30-8:50 minute mile just since we met! And I started eating calories more on my long runs and I’m not running ragged like before! I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough! You’re such a great person, amazing runner with such a pure soul. Thank you for taking time for me!

      Heather Ashley Owens
    • I went from being cooked so bad when it was time to perform at my A races because my previous coach was over training me, to being able to compete and succeed at a much higher level than ever before.

      From MEB.
    • My path crossed with Rachel’s 2 years ago. I was at point of giving up several of my passions as I had such pain in my hip and wrists. The trainer I was going to referred me to Rachel to try Pilates. Well, to say the least I got hooked and have seen Rachel twice a week for the past two years doing Pilates,
      yoga and massage.
      I am 57 years young and don’t remember ever feeling better. My joint pain is gone and I can do all the activities that had previously caused me pain (running and working with horses). Rachel has inspired me to challenge myself. I cycled up Independence Pass in Colorado this summer, a huge goal for me. Rachel has convinced me I can do anything, which I truly believe.
      Rachel is much more than a “trainer”. Her life force is so positive and pure, you can’t help but be a better person knowing her.

      Rachel’s long time client, C.H.
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